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Looking For Information On Autonomic Neuropathy And Neck Pain & Headaches


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Hi all,

I see on the front that there is a lot of information on PAF, MSA, and POTS. But I'm having trouble finding anything that relates to autonomic neuropathy. I'm having the most terrible pain in my neck and between shoulder blades. And every time I'm on the computer my neck starts throbbing. So now we've bought a lap top and a wireless mouse and an adjustable portable laptop desk, but it seems that just holding my neck still for even 10 minutes is painful. I have to keep moving. I actually used to write, so am needing to get back on the computer. Social Security has turned me down for the 3rd or 4th time. Ugh...anyhow, am just wanting more information as to why I'm in so much pain. I was diagnosed with fibro in the 90's, but this is gone beyond that. I do have orthostatic hypo and hypertension, but not sure if it's daily. Any ideas? Thanks for listening. :rolleyes:

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