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Scopolamine Or Norpace?


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Still trying the battle the symptoms. Two medications we discussed at the last Dr. meeting was Scopolamine or Norpace. Since the BB was a fail we will be looking at trying something new. Anyone used either of these two?

He said he uses Norpace on his most resistant patients :( Lovely. The side effects of this scare me but he said they would actually start him with it in the hospital for 3 days - just in case. Yikes!

He also was thinking of a scopalmine patch.

We spent quite a lot of time talking about his IBS like symptoms and how sometimes after a visit to the bathroom he comes out all sweaty, flushed, and weak and sometimes his jerks go crazy or are at least increased. So hard to say if these are from the physical processes or if the increased symptoms are from sitting upright for an extended time. I read that the Norpace is an anti-cholinergic which might have a good counter effect to the jerking and other symtoms but I really am not sure. Just trying to gather some info for next week.

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