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Another 504 Question


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How long is your 504 and how detailed. Does it include medical information such as what to do for convulsions (which may not even happen?) My son has major jerks sometimes, haven't seen many lately, but a lot last year and also convulsion like episodes (adrenaline). Haven't seen any for several months then bam last couple nights ago he has a major one that lasted 10 minutes or so. Obviously the school/teachers need to know these things but how is this communicated. He wouldn't need an ambulance but they will probably call 911 if he has one, and we don't want him transported (especially if they can reach me which they can) but how do you do this??

I am trying to write this out what should be included without getting too detailed (I can see teachers reading it and their eyes glazing over already) It is getting pretty lengthy.

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During Cody's IEP meeting in May, it was brought up that when he returns to school that all of his teachers would be brought together for an 'educational meeting' on his condition(POTS). So maybe they can have a meeting, in which you attend, to make sure they understand his symptoms and condition.


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