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Has Anyone Stopped Or Weaned Of Mestinon?


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I am taking Mestinon 60mg 3xday (9am-3pm-9pm) along with Midodrine 7.5mg 3xday (7am-12pm-5pm). I tried Florinef 1st but didn't work and was put on the Mestinon. I didn't have any side effects and it did help alittle with walking. It wasn't until I was put on Midodrine 5mg now 7.5mg that keeps me walking. I do have the side effects with Midodrine, but the benefits of being able to walk and do little things out way the side effects. I am seriously thinking of weaning off or completely stopping the Mestinon as I don't feel it is doing much of anything for me. Your thoughts, suggestions or ideas? :)

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when i weaned off mestinon i was on 120 mg 3 times a day. i started to halve the dosage so went back to 60mg 3 times day. then i dropped the evening tablet, after that the noon tablet and in the end i stopped the morning tablet. i could do this because i was much better after i started octreotide. if you'd want to wean off more slowly you could ask for the 10 mg tablets so that you can gradualy lower your dosage.

good luck,

corina :)

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