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List Your 504/iep Accommodations


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There are a couple threads going but I thought it might be a good resource if people who already have 504/IEP plans in place would list them here. There will always be new parents and teens coming on here looking for this kind of advise. It is so hard to anticipate everything that this could be really helpful. I posted Christy's list here already.

2 sets of books, one for home-one for school so he didn't have to carry them home and so they were already at home if he missed school

Can have a water bottle with him at all times

Can have extra restroom breaks as needed

Can go to the nurse without any questions being asked

Extra time on assignments when he missed school

Assignment modifications if necessary (he has hand tremors so it is easier for him to type the write)

No points taken off for penmanship (due to the tremors)

Fire drills were not to be spent outside standing in the sun(they would provide seating if they could and under a tree in shade)

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My 16 year old's 504 accommodations are:

She can be provided with a visual copy of class notes from teacher or designated student.

Multi-step directions can be broken down into smaller steps.

Visual tasks will be monitored by staff (she has had problems with visual perception at times)

When absent for medical reasons, she will not be penalized for class participation points.

They will either be excused or she will be allowed to make them up as decided by teacher and student.

She can be given labeling cues in math to minimize visual errors.

When feeling faint and unable to focus or retain information, she will notify teachers and discuss if concepts or information needs to be provided or taught again.

She will remain from having foods at school with dyes and preservatives because of allergic reactions.

When her Irlen lenses are in transition and not filtering correctly, she with be allowed to wear a hat with a brim to help filter light.

These were accommodations last year and before the diagnosis of POTS. At this point she no longer uses the Irlen glasses. Individual teachers have been very supportive to her even before the POTS diagnosis. She is an excellent student and excels easily so I think her teachers don't see her as trying to avoid things and are willing to help out the few times she does struggle. Elementary school was a whole different journey and she was pretty clobbered physically but without a diagnosis. She got very little support and we had to fight for a 504 then.

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My daughter didn't have a 504 plan, but suffered from migraines and headaches several times a week. I was able to get each teacher to agree to let her wear sunglasses in class when she did have a headache/migraine. The floriscent(sp?) lights could make a headache turn into a migraine. One teacher actually put her in the darkest area of the room.


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I'm in college and I'm registered for the services for students with disabilities. My most important accommodation was the ability to skip classes for health reasons (Like I couldn't actually walk to class or something similar) and not be penalized. That included attendance grades and assignment deadlines.

There were some other ones I qualified to receive, but I don't end up using them very often, such as transportation services and extended test times. I got to leave class without being excused if I needed to do so, but I only used it once or twice.

Every teacher so far has been incredibly understanding and I've never had any trouble getting what I need to succeed. I've found that most people are sympathetic if you tell them ahead of time what needs to happen.

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My 5yr old is starting kindergarten next week.. OMG I'm nervous.. lol. We don't have an official 504 plan yet b/c the nurse convinced me that it will be easier to just handle things thru her & the teachers (quicker changes vs having to call case conference ect).. So we are going to try that for now and see if it works. His main issues are heat intolerance & he has a pacemaker (limitations regarding physical contact sports ect) and asthma..

The things we currently have in place for him :

-unlimited restroom breaks

-unlimited drinks. I'm providing a sports bottle to keep at his desk to help reduce classroom disruption

- No outdoor recess if temp is 90 or higher (with or without heat index)

-extra supervision at recess for pacemaker issues (he tends to want to do things he knows he shouldn't.. ie. swing on his tummy ect)

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I think it ok to start without, but really, your son needs a 504. Within a couple weeks you will probably be able to note specific things that he may need other than what you have listed, if any. But the purpose of the 504 is also to put it on record - your son has a medical conditon and needs, and NO ONE better forget! And it certainly would be easier for her and the school to not have to bother with a case conference. And the changes you request CAN be made immediately through her. Lets say the 504 says no outside recess over 90 degrees but you discover that is too hot on the playground so you want it changed to 85. The committee can't meet for a couple weeks, but what in the world would stop them from making that adjustment immediately. I could be wrong, but I think she doesn't want to make the effort. Others who have had younger children with disabilities can probably offer better advise.

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I agree with kcmom. My hubby is a Special Ed teacher, so I know a bit about special needs kids through him. If I were you, I would want a 504 plan in place because the teacher and school will be held liable if the for some reason your son is hurt as a result of them not following the 504 plan. It's more legally binding and protects your son.

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I would put it in writing tomorrow. I would also state the reasons for requesting the 504. Keep it professional and keep records, you are already getting resistance but maybe once you get past the initiation things will go smoother. Once you request a 504 meeting they are required to respond in a certain amount of time. Keep track. For the meeting, be prepared, have medical diagnosis and Dr. recommendations (this will carry a lot of weight if you have this already) They may have their own form then want the Dr. to fill out so ask for that. They are busy and since I am really a perpetually nice person I try to keep that in mind but your son is just as important (more) as other papers with deadlines.

Good luck!

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