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Strain/sprained Ankles


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So anyway I have like my 20th injured ankle in 6 years. Not sure what we're calling it I haven't gotten an x-ray done yet. The first episode happened a few months after I was diagnosed with Pots, 6 years ago, when my dad took me to Disney world. Halfway through the second day I was in so much pain in both my ankles I went to the first aid station who said they were sprained and to ice them, elevate them and use a wheelchair for the rest of the trip. I did and it healed. Then a few months later I was trying to get my light exercise in by walking around the block and nearly didn't make it home the pain was so bad by the second day of 10 minutes of walking. I went to the doctor who said there was no evidence of damage, so they did a work up for fibromyalgia which I technically didn't meet the qualifications, but they started treating me for it anyway and kept saying the pain was in my head. So I got a wheelchair for places with alot of walking and moved my exercise routine to indoor equipment that don't put strain on my joints. But somehow I always end up in major pain and feel like my next step will snap my ankles. I usually ice it and rest for a few days and the pain goes away. But this current episode has been going on a week and a half and its to a point where I can't put much pressure on my right ankle and when I do try to walk across the floor you can hear loud popping/cracking and my left ankle is mildly soar. I'm not sure if I should push through the pain and ice it everytime I sit down or if I should baby it or maybe go get an x-ray done. I told my mom if the pain doesn't get better in the next week she can make an appointment. Does anyone else have this problem? Any advice? Thanks

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