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My Very First Episode Ever


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I realize now was a sulfite allergy reaction to the leek soup I had eaten.

I then started to realize onion and garlic did the same thing they are all in the lily family.

Also the day I went down in the grocery and had the 24 hr stay with high heart rates was right after eating a dish of peas. I'm also allergic to those.

So some of the tachycardia and symptoms possibly some where it feels like I can't catch my breath definitely seem allergy related.

My mind is spinning.

Treating me with any antihistamines maybe tricky due to the sulfite allergy-I'm glad he nailed that the first time hallelujah!

I do think he's the guy to get help from with this.

Just not knowing how much this is affecting my overall health and where I will be if I can get it managed.

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The allergy specialist I am seeing is Dr. Safadi- he graduated from a university in Jordan and then did his internship and residency at Cleveland clinic.

He has offices in Toledo Ohio I believe and in findlay.

I just happened to see his office while taking my kids to the pediatric dentist in Findlay Ohio. Called told them what my issues were and they got me in.

Yeah! Just wish I would have done it sooner.

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