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Bp Changes...does Anyone Else Have This?


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I've been feeling better lately and have had some stabilization in my heart rate. However, I still get slightly orthostatic with my BP (hyper so I go UP upon standing). Lately I've noticed that my diastolic is higher when I sit than when I stand. For example: lying-106/66; sitting-123/90; standing-124/83. I've noticed this numerous times with varying degrees.

Could this have anything to do with splanic pooling? Does anyone else notice this also?

I also get lots of pressure in my head thinking my BP is high but many times it isn't. The pressure isn't new but the fact that my BP isn't high is somewhat new.

Any ideas?

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Hey lovebug great to see you.

Boy your body doesn't like sitting does it?

I also saw an increase of bp's which makes me happy and heart rates within normal.

I haven't payed close enough attention between the sitting and standing.

I don't have the patience for it.

I get nervous.

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Well I've suspected that I have abdominal pooling but I don't really know for sure (just a guess) and I thought that might have something to do with it. But it's weird b/c it's only my diastolic and it seems higher when sitting versus standing. Oh well, guess I shouldn't complain since my symptoms have improved and I feel very lucky to be functioning much better. Thanks for the reply!

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You know now that you mention it I dread sitting at the table.

I usually don't but the one day my son begged me too.

I got so symptomatic I had to go lay down.

I bet maybe that could be the reason-bp increasing does make me feel really crappy even when it's still within normal.

I'm used to fairly low bp's.

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