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Midodrine And Florinef


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I was not able to take Florinef. I do take Midodrine 5mg 3xday along with Mestinon 60mg 3xday. I do experience the side effects with Midodrine: itchy head, goose bumps, and skin crawling along with racing/pounding heart for about 15-30 seconds and feeling cold, but the benefits of being able to walk and work again out way the side effects.

I was 1st placed on Florinef-alone and became weaker, more fatigued, had chest discomfort and very anxious. I went off of it and was started on Mestinon 60mg 3xday with some improvement. It wasn't until I started on the Midodrine 5mg 3xday along with the Mestinon that I saw improvement with stamina and being able to walk without being short of breath in a bout a weeks time. I have continued to gain stamina and endurance the longer on them both.

Good luck and keep us posted.:)

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The Florinef builds in your system over the coming days and weeks. He should at least start to see benefit from Florinef 2 to 3 weeks in. Sometimes it takes awhile to find the perfect dose. Often patients have to start with a low dose and then titrate up. A sign that his dose is too high may be high blood pressure or bad headaches.

Midodrine is a short acting drug and works right away and leaves the system in a few hours.

If the Midodrine does not seem to work right away, he may need the benefit of the extra fluid volume that Florinef will provide.

I would give it at least 2-3 weeks. I hope he feels better. :)

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The first dose my son was put on was 10mg 3x day of midodrine and it caused chest discomfort and made his scalp crawl and itchy. So they reduced him to 5 mg 3x a day and he tolerated that much better. Also, make sure he remains upright when taking it. The doctor told us not to give it to him if he was unable to get out of bed.

As for the florinef(fludrocoritsone), Cody takes it in the morning since it can cause sleep issues.


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