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Chest Pain


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Hi all!

This is my first post! I have been following some topics and everyone seems pretty knowledgeable. Lots of real time info.

So here's my question.

My daughter has had pots, & GP for 5 years. She also was diagnosed with CIPO and EDS.

For the last couple years, whenever we take a plane, she gets severe chest pain and shortness of breath. For one trip, we brought oxygen, that seemed to help a little. Took the severeness away.

I have only found out that changes in cabin pressure can cause this. But this severe? Can anything be done? Tried?

Of course, insurance doesnt cover oxygen for this purpose.

Does this happen to anyone else?

Not traveling isn't an option for her. She feels she has had enough taken away from her with these illnesses, she won't let it stop her from traveling to. Not that we travel all that much, but we do once or twice a year.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Cathy!

Welcome! I'm so sorry about what's going on with your daughter. Unfortunately, I have no answers for you. If the oxygen helps, I'd certainly continue with it when you fly. It couldn't hurt. I'm new here on the forum also, and I've found that some of my problems aren't the norm with this syndrome. I can't find answers either. Have you done a search on "chest pain" or "shortness of breath"? I found some answers from a woman who posted several years ago! Best of luck in your search for answers, I know you're not alone.


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