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Lack Of Blood To The Brain?

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Hi everyone,

Just wondered if anyone could explain the effects of lack of blood to the brain?

Can it cause vision disturbances and confusion?

A few nights ago I was laying in bed watching tv and I had an odd feeling - like a wave inside my skull. In my vision I could see blackness from all sides which made my sight like tunnel vision and I felt confused and peculiar. I felt really tired and went to sleep. Could this be due to lack of blood?

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I can't answer if it is from lack of blood, I can just tell you I get that same feeling quite often. Most often when I'm walking out in the cold, turn my head fast, or walking in the tunnel from the parking structure at work. I've just begun to shrug everything strange to the POTS.

Best of luck,


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Guest letitbe

That tunnel vision has happened to me but only a few times. It's scarey. Alone is scarier. Once it was so bad at a hotel, we had to call the emt's. It was heat, low blood sugar and fatigue. I think it can just happen but not always POTS.

Everything else that makes us feel weird is pots though!!!

So if we are weird, why aren't we millionaires like Charlie Sheen or that holly chic or the Real Housewives and all the true loonies?

You have a POTS wacky question, ASK ME!

( -:

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