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Dr Kusomoto Jacksonville Any Experiences?


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Hi, I have seen dr kusomtos name on this forum before,I wondering what your thoughts were on him? I have autonomic dysfunction,pots,tachybrady syndrome,I had an ep study done on 2001. I haven't had one since,I have a pacemaker but still passout daily. My symptoms have gotten worse over the last couple years. Up and down bps mainly low ones,rapid heart rates 160's even when sitting. I was thinking of asking my local cardiologist for a repeat ep study. I also over the last two years have had episodes of afib,and newly diagnoised with mvp. So since its been years since my last ep study,and so much new stuff. Is going on do you think a repeat ep would be good? And is dr kusomoto worth a try? My local cardiologist here in Massachusetts is willing to work with another dr. I also have seen dr grubb in ohio,this year he is great,however all the meds I have tried that he has suggested have not worked. I am on epogen currently with no results.

Thank for listening to me babble on..


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I just went to Jacksonville Mayo Clinic last week and saw Dr. Venkatachalam and he was AMAZING!!!! He knew POTS like the back of his hand and is familiar with a lot of research and studies regarding it. I loved him and he was incredibly smart about POTS and gave me a lot of hope and suggestions on how to get better with this condition. HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM If I were you, I would contact the clinic and ask for the secretary of the office and see with EP they recommend. Dr. Kusomoto & Dr. Venkat are both EP's there.

Take care

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