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Can Pots Cause Concave St Elevations


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Hi I was just wondering if POTS can be a cause of concave upwards ST elevations on an ekg.

I think I have had POTS for around 3 years now. I was dx'd on the 8th feb this year with POTS and eds. Around new year 2009/2010 I was taken to hospital and wsa told that I had had heart attack and was drawn a picture of how a heart attack happens etc etc. Then a doc came along and said I hadn't despite these elevations and that there was not a certain chemical in my blood.

Then over the next 3/4 week period, I was given more scans and was told that there were changes on the EKGs, that I had had an MI etc etc. I then had holter monitor which was ok apart from a few blips and was once again told that I was fine.

So now I know that I have this POTS thing, I am wondering if it could be to do with that?

Thanks, Tinks ;)

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