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Any Advice For An Eng Monday?


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I've been dealing with vertigo along with POTS (pre-syncope, light-headiness, exhaustion, and tachycardia) for about 10 months now. We finally (my PCP and I) decided we needed to document my episodes of vertical nystagmus and then appropriately refer to a neurologist or neurosurgeon. There is a possibility of Arnold-Chiari malformation, or other brain lesion. I'm also a long standing victim of cervical spondylosis and new MRI's (last ones were made 10 years ago) will be happening soon, as I do have many symptoms (and old MRI's show touching of soft tissue to cord) of cord impingement. My question is--how awful is an ENG? Vomiting? Nausea? My episodes at home last literally only a few seconds, intermittently and I don't experience nausea or vomiting--even when the vertigo feels like I'm being thrown across the room. I'm not looking forward to this. Any suggestions? I'm already sweating having to discontinue most of my meds for 48 hours prior to testing. What were your experiences? Thanks so much for any information you can give me,


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