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New Symptoms--Pots Or Something New

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I realize this all sounds like POTS, and when I had severe POTS I had these symptoms to some degree. However, I have been having a new kind of headache--usually of very short duration (like minutes, or less) that is quite painful. Started a few months ago occasionally, past week+ it has been up to several times daily. The pain is all over the place, sometimes right, sometimes left, sometimes front, of head, sometimes partly in my face. After the headache I develop vertigo that lasts from minutes to hours. I've also been achey. No fever.

So I went to doctor today and she did some in-office neuro tests and has concerns about my right-sided movements, which surprised me b/c I have not noticed any problems. I'm having an MRI on Friday.

Not really sure what to think.

Of course I have done a little research on-line and of course NOTHING fits this suite of symptoms.

Dr thinks it all could be POTS-related.

Any thoughts appreciated! :)

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Guest tearose

Sorry you have these.

Yes, I have had"bouts" of what I would call these types of unusual headpains.

I can only trace them to an increase in activity, like exercise. I fortunately haven't had a cold in a while but do remember these happening then too.

How do you get relief? I usually will massage the area gently, lay down with my feet up and then they pass in about 20-30 minutes. Are yours longer in duration?

Hope you are managing better since these started.

best regards,


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Thanks tearose. Hmm, I have not tried massaging--I think I am afraid that might make it worse. I thought there might be a connection to caffeine so I cut out ALL caffeine (I really don't use much but occasionally eat chocolate or drink green tea). For awhile that did seem to help maybe, but then they came on again and I had been off caffeine for a couple weeks at least. So not sure there was any connection after all.

Generally these headaches are very short in duration--like seconds to minutes. I did some research and it sounds just like ice pick headaches. Very sharp intense pain and short. however, I also get vertigo or feel fuzzy afterwards or have a feeling of sqeezing or odd head sensations and this can go on for quite some time (eg hours).

My worst day was last Sunday. Since then I seem to be getting better again, with fewer episodes of pain and less vertigo/weird head feelings. But I am having an MRI tomorrow and then back to the doctor.

I am also achey in joints and muscles at the same times that I am getting these...it seems many of us have to deal with on-going medical mysteries...it is frustrating.

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