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Back On Mestinon


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So I am going back on Mestinon b/c the dys/POTS is so bad lately. I barely have energy to stand (and I get dizzy as soon as I do). I've done the research and it appears okay for breastfeeding.

It's been so long since I've been on it, I kind of don't remember what to expect, other than big activation of my digestion, which I *don't* need, LOL. Any other Mestinoners who can tell me what to expect in terms of improving my autonomic issues?

Many thanks!



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Hi Marie,

I have been on Mestinon since 2006 but did go off of it for awhile in 2009. But while off I had a major relapse. So I started back on it by the end of 2009 and have been on it ever since. What I can remember is that my blood pressure was more stable, I felt less dizzy, and I don't recall to much gi upset. I know that is not much help because my memory is not what it use to be :)

Good luck!

Kristin :)

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