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Woohoo Averted A Vasovagal Episode


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Just had one come on.

It was continuing...

I put cold water on my brow and around my neck-couldn't really feel it I felt fuzzy all over.

Got a glass of ice water and started drinking it and went into a "V" position reclining just slightly but legs up above the heart.

BP was 112/64. Heart rate 98.

As I elevated my legs I felt my heart beat a little harder and felt my breathing increase and next thing you know it was over!


I'm feeling a bit flaky here again if I have to go back into that position I will but it was so much better to perform maneuvers than to do nothing and have my body go through ****.

I don't feel the extreme exhaustion and all the emotions that usually accompany my episodes that leave me feeling totally out of control.

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Hey Leieze (i hope i spelled that right... )

I havent had an acute attack in the past few days, but, when i go into one, I am definitely trying this neat little trick. I am wondering if something so simple will actually help pull me out of a severe episode. Im glad you posted this, because, actually, i had already forgotten about this trick! I am going to have to seriously start a journal of 'trys' so that i can remember the pointers i read on here....

Im glad it worked, you will have to let me know if it continues to work and I def let you know when i try it too.

hope you are having a better day!


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