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Abnormal Bloodtest Results And "Dehydration" (Dysautonomia?)


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I'm interested in reading about abnormal bloodtest results people here have had that are associated with their diagnos(e)s. I've been collecting my bloodwork results for 8 years as I've tried to figure out what's wrong with me, and there have been some "random" consistencies that I'm just now looking at in a new light that may be *really* relevant.

1) BUN levels are almost always high (and we're talking for 8 ys); if they're not, the calculated BUN/creatinine ratio is still high. As I posted in the vasopressin thread, I just realized that the meaning could have to do with low vasopressin and/or dehydration (ie related to water balance).

2) MCH is *always* high. Sometimes MCV is, too. I saw a mention on an older thread here that they may be increased in order to get greater oxygen around the body, but cannot find info on this. Since I have a problem with low blood pressure and postural hypotension, it might make sense (in my head, anyway), that the body would find a way to compensate. If circulation is down, then the blood cells that do make it around need to be carrying more hemoglobin....? Anyone know anything more about this? When my FP doc first was trying to diagnose me (8 ys ago), these results were why he had my folic acid and B12 levels tested (and they turned out to be off the chart high).

I have other results that fluctuate between normal and abnormal, but these stand out. Sometimes MPV high.

Thanks for thoughts.

PS fwiw, my 10yo son had bloodwork done and his BUN is elevated (for adult stds, and child values are supposed to be lower), and his BUN/creatinine level is MUCH higher; otoh, his MCH and MCHC are abnormally low.....? Maybe a genetic predispostion to something and his RBC haven't made that adjustment hypothesized above? (His bilirubin is abn low, too, so maybe his RBC are hanging around extra long to compensate? weird). I'm having his bloodwork repeated to see if it was a fluke or real. As an aside, it's in my family tree to be very prolonged bedwetters in childhood, including me and both my children. Another sign that maybe vasopressin mechanism is defective.....?

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