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Pots/Vestibular Migraine Medications?


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Since vestibular migraines is being thrown out there again as a additional/related condition and I'm still experimenting with medications for POTS,(havent found any to work yet, currently on Mestinon but it's not yet working), I was wondering if any of you found a drug that they try for POTS, and that also is used for migraines...

I know betablockers are used for both, but i've always done horribly on them. Anyone know of any others? I hate being on meds and tolerate them poorly... so if I go along experimenting with the migraine theory again.. i was hoping to find another "2 in 1" drug... but only knew of betablockers.... the guy who might treat the vestibular migraines wanted to try Calcium Channel Blocker... verapil? cant remember the spelling... and I cant remember if anyone here mentioned that as helping the POTS too?

Just curious, of course i"ll do more searching online when I'm up for it.. but if anyone had experience with a drug that helped both?... or even if anyone found a drug just particularly helpful for vestibular migraines? I know they do use the same preventative drugs for regular vs. vestibular migraines... but i'm curious to hear from someone with vestibular migraines if anything in particular worked for them.

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