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I'Ve Noticed My Blood Pressure And Pulse


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have seemed to normalize over these past few months as far as the bp being more in a normal range and the pulse more in a normal range with the times I check it.

I no longer feel the need to wear the pulsar heart monitor to do activity but I am glad I have it.

I still have scary episodes and they come out of the blue or after eating.

I tend to have loads of gas, not much heartburn but just trapped general gas that I will burp or expel in larger than normal amounts.

Headaches were pretty frequent a week or two ago and those have subsided also.

I guess my major problems are just eating enough and dealing with the random episodes they still scare me and I am afraid to do normal things because I never know when they will pop up. I would say I've had at least 2 in the last week.

I try to talk myself down from them and regain focus. I really get out there with cycles of it going through me similar to a panic attack. I am trying to stay calm and bring myself back but sometimes I go through another wave for whatever reason.

I guess I could also try to work on getting more fluids in.

I haven't been doing my share there and see if it helps decrease the amount or severity of the episodes.

I guess just an update. I still feel confused and scared by all of this.

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I'm coming up on the two year mark of contracting chicken pox.

My episodes started after that point so I may fall within the post viral group. I think my overall system is calmer than it was in the beginning but I'm still not there yet.

I guess my fear is I will never feel myself again or have a good energy level to where I can function in what I would call a normal manner.

Thanks for letting me get my feelings out.

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