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Having Trouble With Bp After The Flu


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I woke up Monday morning with a stomach bug. It was a terrible vicious bug. I could not keep anything down and spent a LOT of time in the bathroom. At one point I had a fever of 103.5. The fever broke, and now I am recovering. As of today, I have lost ten pounds since Monday. I need to lose weight, but this is not the right way to do it.

Ever since being sick, my BP is up, mainly the diastolic (bottom number). Last night I had 149/103. Now it is around 140/99. Should I worry about this? Is this just because I lost a lot of fluid being so sick and need to rehydrate? Or should I be concerned about something else?

I am rehydrating, drinking Gatorade and eating salty soups since I can't tolerate solids too well.



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You are probably getting a triple whammy from the fluid loss combined with the electrolyte loss plus the immune system insult. Try to be good to yourself and hydrate with lots of gatorade-like stuff. There was a fairly recent study on how the flu shot can mess with the autonomic system, so just imagine what the real flu will do! Well, actually you know. :(

Be good to yourself!

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Guest tearose

How lousy to have to deal with the flu and aftershocks!

I agree to the soups and I would push the electrolytes. Stay horizontal. How is your heart rate?

Naturally you are going to have a harder time recovering. Try to re nourish yourself so you can get stronger again. This is not the way to loose weight.

If you can't get it back to within your normal once the main flu symptoms are gone then do check with the doctor.

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