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St. Jude Confirm


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Hi everyone, I could use some help. I got a St. Jude confirm device yesterday, and they were having trouble with the printers etc. to give me printed information. It was a horrible day for all involved. They also forgot to write the 800 number to transmit to on the back of the device. I've called the co. and they keep sending pages to the wrong people and won't give me a number.

have recorded once, and now it won't record more, so I assume I have to transmit - but I can't get the number. Does anyone have the 800 number to call to send in my recordings? I'm having some stuff that I haven't felt in a while so I'd like to be able to send if need be. I also don't have a patient reg. card yet, since they couldn't print a temp.

I got a model of the device and the device. period.

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