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Qs For Those Who Benefit From Klonopin


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How much do you take, and when do you take it?

What does this drug do for you. What, specifically, does it help with and what symptoms are alleviated most?

The reason I'm asking: My Dr. keeps pushing it on me, despite the fact that I can't really tell it's doing anything, might be adding to my fatigue, and he never really clearly explained how it should help me in the first place. I only know some vague 'it resets your autonomic system somehow'.

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Just my personal experience...

I take 0.125mg in the am and 0.25mg in the pm. It helps me sleep at night and has stopped the annoying tremors I developed at the onset of POTS. I would not be taking it if it were not benefiting me in some way due to physical dependence that occurs with benzos. I have been on Klonopin for a year and a half, and it has not re-set my nervous system. I would like to eventually taper off Klonopin completely if my symptoms improve with time. However, a good night sleep is most important.

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I take .125mg in the AM and then again at bedtime. I have tapered down from .75mg-1.0mg daily. I originally tried it for orthostatic tremor, but it helped my chronic daily headache instead. I have tapered off three times now for various testing and can tell you that, for me, it helps the other meds work better. The BB alone did not do as much without it. It really slows all the hyper-responses down and takes the edge off.

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