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Camcorder - Record Episodes


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I know sometimes it is difficult to describe episodes to doctors. While recording an episode with a camcorder won't help explian how you feel on the inside it may still helps the doctors to see what is happening. I set up my camcorder in the living room after I had already had a few episodes anticipating more coming. I even used my phone to record a few work. All of my doctors commented on how helpful it was and how nobody had done that before (all three have current patients with dyautonomia conditions). I even got a few with the 24 hour EEG hooked up, that along with the EEG results helped the neuorologist confirm it was not seizures and most likely blood pressure related.

I even noticed things I had not noticed before. Someone just posted about blinking, I blink a lot more than I thought especially right at times of episodes. My eyes were staying closed longer than I thought also. It also caught weird muscle spasms in my neck I didn't know

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