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Cyclical Fast Heart Rate - Anyone Else?


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I am in the midst of a POTS crash, but this one is different. I am having "rushes" for lack of a better word, of high heart rates. I feel swoony, then the heart rate kicks in at about 160 for a bit, then I start shaking, then it drops back to the 110's for a while, then we do it all again. I am on Toprol XL, a tiny dose, and it usually keeps me out of 160 range unless I do something pretty strenuous. So it is odd that I am seeing such high heart rates lying down. It almost feels like an adrenaline rush. I take a small dose of Klonopin as well, but it isn't effective today.

I had a stomach bug on Thursday, and I have since started my period. Those are the only things different. Oh, I most probably exerted myself yesterday at my sons' competition. This all started after I ate dinner at a restaurant and then went back to the competition. I ended up on the floor there. :(

Does anyone else have any spells like this?

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I'm sorry maybe it could have been adrenaline surges I get them and they do make your heart race.

It sounds like you really did a lot there.

I've found that I have allergies through all of this so eating at a restaurant can do that to me.

I react to garlic and onion usually with a fast heart rate.

Sorry you had a rough time there.

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i get similar episodes. For me they are more common after ovulation and until a few days in to my cycle. They are also triggered by certasin foods and temperature changes. Beta blockers have definitely helped and i am about to go onto the pop pill to see if that helps with the hormone side of things.x

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