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My Pain Is Back...Any Suggestions?


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I had been getting pain relief with Cymbalta. I started it in June, I think. Now the pain is back. Advil isn't touching it. Lying flat isn't helping. A heating pad feels good and is distracting, but doesn't get rid of it. I also noticed that despite my increased fluid intake, my urine output is down significantly.

My family keeps telling me that I am "overdoing" it, but I really didn't do anything more than usual and resting has not helped. Well, it helped with the coathanger pain, but not the deep aching pain I have in my lower back, buttocks, and legs. That was the specific pain that the Cymbalta was treating.

It is unrelenting and I am feeling despair.

If anyone has any suggestions until I can get in with my GP (Cymbalta prescriber), I'd be grateful. I am still waiting for Dr. Khurani's office to call me with my testing dates.

Thanks in advance.

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I can emphathize with you about the unrelenting pain and how debilating it is. The constant body aches drive me crazy!

I take 2 60mg capsules of Cymbalta for moderate/severe fibromyalgia and I've just been diagnosed with small fiber neuropathy and I've been told Cymbalta helps with that as well. Yet there are days, many days, that I have severe pain in my legs, back, arms and neck. I've tried heating pads too,but it doesn't help. The only thing that has helped is Tramadol. I start out with one pill, if after 30-40 minutes I'm still in pain (which I generally am), I take another, and if another 30 minutes pass and I'm still in pain, I take another. On really bad days, I normally have to take 3 Tramadols to get relief.

My GP is the doctor who prescribes by Tramadol. He did so originally for my fibromyalgia pain. He has told me that I can take up to 400mg of Tramadol daily, but no more. Each tablet of Tramadol is 50mg. The good thing about Tramadol, the generic for Ultram, is that isn't a narcotic so it's not addictive. On the downside, if you take too many, they may make you constipated, but Miralax can alleve that problem. Beware that Tramadol takes about 30-40 minutes to "kick in"-- it's not like a narcotic pain pill that takes effect rather quickly. Ask your doctor for a prescription of Tramadol-- they saved my sanity!

Good Luck!

Bev Ray

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Lyrica helped my pain more than Cymbalta... but since I stopped gluten my pain has been much better. Are you sure you are not eating any gluten? As you know it can be tricky to avoid.

We went out to dinner last week and long story short I ingested gluten from the sauce on my dish. The next day I felt like I had been hit by a truck. It really took me 3 of 4 days to feel better.

Another thought is that many people take more cymbalta then you are taking. maybe a larger dose would help you.

Can you take asprin. My doctor said it was ok to take a little asprin with the cymbalta.

Could you have allergies? My husband and son have been really suffering with pain from their allergies.

Are you getting enough electrolites? My doctors told me not to drink too much plain water. I do well with v8 and nuun.

Hope you figure it out and feel better soon!

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I get terrible achy pain in my hips, low back and legs too. Since I have been reading about mastocytosis I am wondering if it's the bone pain they describe. I started on Cymbalta last Feb and the pain seemed better, but my OI symptoms got very bad and I had to stop it. I am now trying anti-histamines and sodium cromoglicate to see if it helps with all the symptoms. Apparently NSAIDs and opiates both cause mast cell degranulation, but some report getting pain relief from Percocet.

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