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Seeing Stars And Vision Issues


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I'm getting really frustrated with my eyes lately. Everything I see is kinda glare-y, like when you look at the sun too long and after you can see again everything is bright.

But mostly, I'm worried about the stupid "flashes" or "stars" and since none of my doctors can help me, I'm pretty much on my own to figure out why this is going on.

Everything I read online says it's from movement stimulation in the eyes (like pressing on them or something), but I am assuming since it happens to POTS people when we stand that it also has something to do with blood pressure?

I'm asking because now I see them even when I'm laying down. They don't go away anymore.

I'm at my wits end with all this. I want to go back to school and get my teaching degree and teach kids those beautiful special needs kids! I miss it so much! I want to hold a job and live with roommates who aren't terrified of my medical issues.

I also want a doctor who isn't intimidated by my medical problems and that will help me and not just send me away. Or say that I'm nuts.

Ah well... God know what he's doing.

Thanks for the help.

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When I have those flashes and slivery stars it is a silent miagraine. When it first happened, I thought my retina was detaching. Emergency visit to the eye doctor and found out it was a miagraine. I have only had a few of them with the stars and blurry vision and double vision. But, it is scarry when it happens. I've had very slight headaches with them and some really disabling ones too. Maybe, they can take a look at this.


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It can be attributed to poor cerebral perfusion, but this is generally only in upright postures in dysautonomia. As has been mentioned, various visual phenomena can be associated with migraines (a neurologist who specializes in migraines would be the doc to see to explore this more fully). Also, some forms of dysautonomia can be associated with increased risk of increased ocular pressure which can cause distorted vision. This can be assessed by an ophthalmologist and may require treatment to prevent it from developing into glaucoma. Finally, certain eye- or vision-related injuries secondary to head trauma can result in distorted vision, so if you've had a recent syncope in which you hit your head you may want to consult an ophthalmologist or neuro-ophthalmologist regarding that.

Have you seen both an ophthalmologist and a neurologist regarding these vision issues? If both of these have resulted in dead ends, have you tried looking for a neuro-ophthalmologist?

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My daughter had a lot of issues with this. The opthamologist said it was silent migraines. The neurologist said it was anxiety (I think probably most of you have heard that at one point or another). The neurosurgeon said it could be lack of blood flow to the brain. She now takes seroquel for sleep, and we found that most of it, not all but certainly the majority of it, has gone away, now that she is finally sleeping. I wondered if you might have any sleeping issues - if so, you might consider that as a possible reason for it, too.

Heiferly seems right on the money with the specialists to see for this.

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Hi Housewoea,

I have had the vision disturbance that you describe. They are a little different than silent migraines, which I also get. At the onset of this POTS ride, when I was terribly ill, was when it started, and I could not figure out how this was happening when I was lying down. They got so severe, I couldn't sleep because of them. (strange to say, but they continue when I close my eyes) I have never over the years got a definitive answer as to the cause, but I do know that I'm more vulnerable to it when I am overtired.

Hang in there, I hope you find some resolve.


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