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I'M At A Loss


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I don't know what is the problem, but I'm crashing harder than I ever have and it's scary. I'm having unceasing waves of adrenaline surges that are so bad all I do is lay in my bed with ear plugs and an eye mask on and wait for it to go away. Even seeing any light at all or hearing any sounds makes it go crazy. Right now I'm in an okay period, but I know it's going to hit again soon. I know it's not migraines, but I don't know how to fix it and it's making me crazy! I've seen every doctor in the area but they all say it's anxiety or migraines and I take the meds for both and it doesn't help and I can't stand it anymore it just hurts so much I'm barely holding myself back from taking every pain killer I have just to see which one will make it stop! Nothing helps! Can any one help me?


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I'm so sorry you are feeling so unwell. I have been exactly where you are at and wish there was something that I found that helped, but nothing was a quick fix. I'm still pretty much recliner bound, but have less constant adrenaline surges than I had for the first 3 years. The only thing that really helped them was Klonopin, however it took me two years to find a doctor that prescribed it. It worked differently than the other anxiety medications and after much research, found that it has to be the brand name Klonopin, not a generic for it to work as well for those with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, who also sometimes have an ANS that runs on over-drive like ours do. It really does seems to keep them adrenaline surges at bay and I make sure to take a very small amount. I did have to take it for a few weeks straight at first and than I tapered back and than now only use it when my ANS really kicks up, such as when a virus', weather, and other stresses affect my system. Also, if you have access to getting massages or back rubs, providing that you like them and they make you feel relaxed, it may help too - I have to get the good tingle feeling from a back rub for it to help settle my ANS otherwise it doesn't really do that much, so maybe when that tingle feeling happens, my body releases GABA or some type of chemical that settles the ANS down for a while. I know some people try breathing exercises and vagal manuvers to try and calm down their ANS, but they didn't work/last long enough to help much. If you haven't tried beta blockers, they may also help, but really depends on how your body reacts to them also. I hope you find something to at least take the edge off the misery this illness challenges us with and the sooner the better as it seems the longer it takes to find something that helps, the longer the recovery to prior level of function takes.

Also, by chance do you take Synthroid for a thyroid disorder?

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I do not... medical professionals do not think I have any thyroid problems (my holistic doctor does but... eh, idk.

I'm thinking maybe I'm having some sort of medication problems but I don't know which ones lol! I didn't take any this morning and I can walk again and open my eyes and stuff!

This POTS stuff is wayyyyyy more disabling than they make it out to be.

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