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Fainted Friday And Fell Back On My Head


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I fell straight back and hit my head friday. I don't remember falling and I was confused when I woke up. I slept most of Friday and had a horrible headache and the back of my head hurt. I feel better today. I have been a little nauseous and my head feels "full", I mean I feel pressure in my head, but I only have a slight headache. I am suppose to fly out on the 27th back to the States. Should I go and have my head checked out jst to make sure everything is okay before I leave? I do feel better today, but I will be traveling with my two kids and my husband will be staying behind. I'm a little neervous anyway making that long hal flight virtualy by myself. now I am getting a little paranoid and I'm wondering if I should have my head checked before I go. What do you think?

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