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Hello all from a crisp sunny Dublin city!

I am seriously thinking of trying to set up a support group for people with dysautomia in Ireland. So far I have only found four people(including myself!) There has to be more of us in the country (it's not that small!) So I was wondering should I send leaflets to cardiologists maybe? Is there anyone on here from Ireland that I don't Know?

I have found POTS a lonely and hard road and would love to be able to support others who feel the same. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

Hope your all your usual well selves!!!

x Janet

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LOL your the first person in this country iv ever been talking to that has pots how excited am i!

I wanted to set up a support for autonomic conditions too i bet theres more people here in ireland there has to be.

Please PM me with ur msn address and we can chat more thanks a million, looking forwad to it alreay lol

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Hello Janet M and Jonathonireland ( I wonder if we are related:D)

I'm also in Ireland and I think that it would be great to have a support group here. I'd also be delighted to add anyone to my msn to chat sometime so PM me if anyone is interested!

I'd say that putting messages in Irish CFS support groups would find lots more POTS sufferers too. It would be great to have some POTS friends but also to be able to have a network of Irish specific information on the condition,like what drs are understanding etc.

Nice to see you both here :)

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Well hello fellow Celts!!!

I sent you both emails with my contact details on them. But just in case you dont get them let me know. Colm Hayes on 2fm did a programme on POTs in September and had two people on who had it. I have tried through the station to get hold of these people but am not convinced that the station passed on my details!!!

Anyway I know have a whole six people!!!! (and two from radio show)!!! And I am very excited about talking to you both so please please do get in touch!!!

I know its a small number but you know the saying from little acorns do bbig trees grow!!!

Hopo you are both doing ok and look forward (so much) to hearing from you!

JanetM x

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