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Statin Causing Hr Increase


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Hello all. I've been doing very well lately. So well that the docs want to pull me off my bb. I still have a hr swing, but it's not terrible and well tolerated.

On to my little test...

I forgot to refill my statin (40 mg simvistatin/Zocor) and went without for a week. I noticed that my blood glucose was doing terrific during this time (it's been hovering on pre-diabetic). I finally got the refill and took 1/2 a dose. Several hours later, my glucose was up and I was sweating bullets. I couldn't get my bp to register on my home unit and checked my hr...it shot from 50 sitting to 140 standing. I haven't had this for months. Needless to say, I stayed sitting the majority of that evening.

I did not take the statin the next day and everything is about back to normal.

Hmmmmm...anyone else take a statin? Have you noticed this?

I don't know how long it takes meds to clear from your system. I just had cholesterol bloodwork done and I don't know if 7 days off meds would get me a statin free number or if it is still lingering in my body. My numbers were decent and I really don't want to start taking them again if it's going to effect me this way.

Any advice or words of wisdom?

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