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Nuclear Stress Test

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I'm having a nuclear stress test next week in Boston. I had a chemical one two years ago and I almost fainted lying down. This time they're planning to put me on a treadmill. Should I have someone drive me to Boston? I live in RI and usually drive 45 minutes to the "T", and then take that in to Boston. The one problem that I have is climbing the sets of stairs at the "T" stop in Boston. I'm having the test to check me since I have trouble with inclines (dizziness) and to clear me for knee surgery. I can't take Nadolol the day before and the day of the test. Last time I stopped my betablocker cold turkey, I was in the emergency room two days later. Any advice? Suz

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Guest tearose

That is right, you must trust your intuition.

If you tend to wind up in the ER (I did from a non nuclear stress test)... I would think it better be safe and have a friend along to drive you.

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