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Saw A Rheumatologist Today: 2 New Diagnoses

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The doctor was very thorough and I really liked her. She explained that my "slightly positive" ANA is normal for someone with autoimmune thyroiditis, but with my family history of autoimmune disorders she wanted to run the battery of rheumatologic blood tests anyway. She is pretty confident that everything will come back fine and that all of my symptoms point to fibromyalgia. Most of the fibro trigger points made me jump when she checked them.

Also, I thought it was pretty interesting that she took one look at how my elbow bends (hypermobile) and started talking about EDS. Many of my other joints do the same, and my skin is very elastic. It doesn't seem like a very bad case but she warned me that I could easily dislocate something. She also mentioned that the hypermobility could contribute to some of my muscle pain. And of course she explained that EDS is a connective tissue disorder. I never really thought of myself as having a connective tissue disorder since I don't have any skin involvement but obviously there is much more to it than that.

So she gave me some samples of Cymbalta to try for fibro, but also gave me the names of some other meds. She was very understanding of my chemical sensitivity and said she would let me try any of those meds that I thought would be best. I'll give the Cymbalta a chance, and then I go back in 3 weeks to go over the blood test results and whatever I want to do about the medication.

She also suggested physical therapy, which I said no to for now. I did that for 3 months for my neck and shoulder and didn't really get anywhere. Not to mention that with working full time and 2 small kids at home, I don't really have the energy for PT right now. Maybe later. She outlined a very light aerobic program to start building up a tolerance so I guess I'll have to give that a try.

I just hope something gives me a little more energy soon!

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I'm so happy that you found a doctor who was thorough and understanding-- a hard combination to find.

Cymbalta has been my lifesaver for my fibromyalgia. I take 2 60 mg tablets daily. 1tablet daily was not effective at all, but when I went to twice daily, the difference was night and day. I hardly ever have to take Tramadol for pain any more! I hope it helps you like it has helped me!

Good Luck!

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