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UnumProvident Settlement (LTD Claims)

divine spark

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I received the following information in a Co-Cure e-mail today regarding the handling of LTD claims by UnumProvident:

The New York State Insurance Department today reached a settlement with UnumProvident. UnumProvident has agreed to a fine of $15,000,000, probably the largest fine levied against an insurance company in history.

ALL claims denied by UnumProvident since 1997 will be REASSESSED--more than 200,000 claims. The UnumProvident claims process will be monitored for two years. UnumProvident must give weight to Social Security findings.

Rules for handling future claims will be adopted.

Yea for our side! :P


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Guest Julia59

My sister in Law works for an insurance company under a different Name, but had the same kind of thing happen-----but I heard the fine was even bigger then that. She lost her Job.......................... She'll get her full salary until January.

They have two kids and a rather large home with expences to match. I've never seen anyone as dedicated to her job as she was. One very hard working individual. My husband and I are praying for her to find a new job quickly. She's working on masters degree, but these days, even with that it can still be hard to find a job.

Julie :0)

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