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QT waves and ANS dysfunction/central NS dysfunct

Guest Julia59

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Guest Julia59

I found something kind of interesting on another website regarding arrhythmias.

I'm learning more each day as I try and sort out all of this stuff with chiari related disorders. You all know the drill-----so I don't need to repeat my list of issues.

Diseases of the central nervous system and cardiac arrhythmias]

[Article in German]

Rettig G, Stober T, Sen S.

Diseases of the central nervous system can result in various cardiac

arrhythmias. In some neuromuscular disorders, a distinctive

morphologic correlate of such arrhythmias can be found as a secondary

cardiomyopathy. In other intracranial diseases, in particular

subarachnoid and intracerebral hemorrhages, the lack of gross

alterations of cardiac morphology suggests some "functional" nature of

rhythm disturbances. Lesions of the autonomic regulatory centres

frequently cause (unilateral) autonomic imbalance that is projected to

the heart according to its asymmetric peripheral sympathetic

innervation. The resultant propensity for sympathetically mediated

arrhythmias is frequently reflected in prolongation of the QT interval

and can be accentuated by simultaneous vagal discharge as well as

catecholamine-mediated disseminated myocardial necroses. It is,

however, unlikely that such neurogenic arrhythmias bear any

independent prognostic significance; on the contrary, prognosis is

usually determined by the severity of the underlying neurologic

disease and its complications.

PMID: 3825229 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Julie :0)

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