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Iv Fluids


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Hi all,

Have just come home from a 36 hour session in a&e! Really bad flare up.

My BP and Heart rate are ok but I have this very severe and very dibilitating burning and tingling sensation in my head and my torso. Its hot but with an icey sensation, if that makes sense. Have red flusing type rash on chest and cheeks. Very frequent Urination. Inside my ear canal feels like there is something really hot running through it.

They gave me gelo(?) Fluids overnight to see would it help but it didnt.

Had blood work done and only thing they found was high cortisol levels. They now want me to see an endocrinologist.

These syptoms are really scary. My head feels like its having the life squeezed out of it and I am shaking inside. They are much worse when I lie down and bad early in morning when I awake. Have had no sleep for two days as a result.

I have to wait now for an appointment to see endo specialist which could take a while.

Just wodering if anyone has experienced this in the past? Or more so if anything helps. Worried and scared. Dont seem to be getting anywhere with docs.

Thanks as always to you all and hope you are having a better day.

Also am due my period any day now so assuming thats a factor!

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Hey Janet!

Sorry you are experiencing such a severe episode! I have had that burning feeling a few times before and I really hate it! I have had times where the top of my body is so hot it feels like my skin is burning and I actually have a fever but the bottom half of my body is cold and needs covers! The last time it happened it was just my left arm that was all hot and burning like. It's so odd and hard to explain to people! I hope you feel better sweetie! Get some rest!


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