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Hello all,

Have finally got a doc apt for friday with my cardiologist. Have been having major episode since mid December. Typical pots stuff but on a much bigger scale than normal. BP and HR up and down. Hot flushes. Small amount of itching. Sick tummy etc etc!

Having read through this site I have come up with the idea that maybe I have MCAD? Certainly seem to have the symptoms. So heres the thing. Anyone out there have it? What questions do I need to ask my doc, what tests?

My doc is NOT a pots pro. There is none in Ireland. He is however very willing to work with me towards a solution. I have to go down the private route which will cost me a fortune (and our family holiday). Hence would like to hit the gound running in terms of whats needed!

Is it important to find out what "type" of Pots I have? How?

I am sorry if all this sounds a bit silly but I just need to go in armed for this appointment!

Also May I ask you all, how do you cope with the mental side of your illness. Do you get down? Hope do you cope with the down moods?

Any help or suggestions will, as always, be much appreciated.

Many thanks and I hope your all having a good day x

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Guest tearose

Please do a lot of reading before you go. Look at the Q & A section and you will find lists of questions.

Basically, remember he is a cardiologist and will probably look to the heart to find you problems. Just be sure to ask him what role the Autonomic Nervous System plays in it and if he will be consulting with a Neurologist who may know about POTS.

Maybe he can refer you to someone else?

Try very hard right now to learn all you can. Try next to get an accurate diagnosis. Try to have one main excellent doctor to help you navigate the medical issues with. As for the ups and downs...you have to realize you probably will not die from POTS. You will have to learn ways of coping with an invisible disability that is little understood and often you will face ridicule and misdiagnosis. Develop a good relationship with your self, have confidence in being a good advocate for yourself and talk with loving friends/family and your doctor.

Also, come here for support!

good luck,


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