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Relocating Is Hard!

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Hey guys,

Has anyone else here had to deal with relocating recently? I accepted my first job a few weeks back and I've been apartment hunting since before Thanksgiving. The job is in Albany, NY, about four hours from home on Long Island. My boyfriend is in Westchester, so I drive up there and use it as a rest point and he drives us to Albany for our trips. We did one trip for my job interview and two for checking out apartments. It's taken a lot out of me...I'm usually feeling really POTSy and nauseated in the car, and I caught a cold or the flu or something after the last visit. I'm not looking forward to the actual move-in! I've had to move in and out of places a lot in recent years because of college and summer internships, and for the past year and a half that I've had POTS, they have not been fun experiences. I just want to be settled and recovered and stop doing all this back and forth.

Anyone here familiar with the Albany area? We're deciding between two different areas right now.

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Sorry. Don't know anything about the Albany area. Good luck, though. And I about to move too so I know that I will feel my POTS even more. Take care of yourself and only do what you can do. Know your limits! :unsure:

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