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It's A Good Day When.....


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Oh, the little things that bring me joy!

I went to see an oral surgeon today about getting a tooth implant. He said that Dr. Pete Rowe, from Johns Hopkins, sends patients his way to get their wisdom teeth taken out. So, this surgeon is familiar with POTS patients. Yippeee!!

I asked him a bit about the pediatric POTS/NCS doctor and he said he believes some of his patients will outgrow it. I'm still waiting.

Just wanted to share.

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Hi, Nancy. Check out the article I posted a few weeks ago in which a dentist from University of Maryland Dental School wrote: "Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrom: Dental treatment considerations."

I have since found out that he got his interest in POTS from treating one patient. He decided to look into the literature.

I was actually surprised that no one commented on this article.


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