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Multiple Questions... Do You Take And Ssri And Snri Together?

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So, I have a few questions and probably a bit of an update...

* Do you (or have you ever) taken an SSRI and a SNRI together at the same time??? I am taking the Cymbalta and Zoloft together.

I was told different things, locally they say it is a no-no, and a Dysautonomia specialists office says it is regular practice. I tend to believe it is okay in patients like us, but was curious to how many others take both???

* It has been a while since I tapered to a lower dose of Zoloft, but it is just now getting warmer outside, so I am just feeling some of the effects of it for the first time... I tend to sweat a TON on my trunk. It doesn't have to be all that warm out, and I don't have to do very much. The Zoloft greatly reduced this for me, then I decreased the dosage, and it appears I am back to my old SWEATY self!!! Anyone else have this happen? What is the treatment that has worked the best for you at decreasing sweating??? I also notice that my skin in more oily etc... It is quite annoying.... ;)

* Anyone have a medication that seemed to decrease your ability to hold on to and retain water over time??? Then, even when you are off of it, the water retention does not improve??? I actually retained water quite well previously in my looking 5 mnths preggo belly, but now it depends on the day... (Don't get me wrong, I LOVE losing the belly, but it can make symptoms worse at times... :blink: )

By the way the med was Florinef!!! TOTALLY opposite reaction!!! Anyone else???

I am off of it now, because of the water loss and blood sugar spikes. The drs. office didn't even think that it could spike blood sugar, but the nurse looked it up while on the phone, and imagine... it is one of the less common, BUT possible side effects. (And this was an ANS specialist! urrggghhh!!!)

I have more questions, but I will wait until later! :blink:


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