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New Need Help +ttt Syncope W/hypertension & Pots

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Hi you all, been reading here for a while thought you might help me understand better what to do.

I mainly have orthostatic hypertension and tachy, when I lay down I sometimes get hypotensive. I now know that I also get episodes of syncope or presyncope. Don't know what kind yet.

When they did my tilt table. I hung out there for a while with hypertension and tachy the whole time. Very painful test with many muscle spasm. Right before I passed out, my blood pressure and heart shot up even higher and then plumetted in about 5-10 seconds. They were like we can't get a blood pressure on her, then my legs gave out, I got real bad nausea and my ears plugged and I passed out. These symptoms were the similar to what has been happening to me over the years. The doctor said that if he hadn't stopped I would have gone to zero and my heart would have stopped.

My echo also showed some left ventricular diastolic dysfunction relaxation phase, but my ejection fraction was still normal.

My doc ordered compression stockings and switched me to 60 mg xr propranonol, and cardiac rehab. The med's dropped everything but I'm getting dizzy easier and I'm still getting push thru hypertension, when I'm up to long, or even when I'm talking of all things, and a lot of pain.

Anybody else like me? How are you managing it?

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I too have orthostatic HYPER-tension. It is the "hallmark" for hyperadrenergic POTS. I have not passed out...yet, but I do grey-out (tunnel-vision) frequently.

When I stand up, they can't even get a pulse on me in my wrists. They use a stethescope or a pulse ox meter. Even Vandy had a hard time, I just constrict too hard in my arms and legs. My diastolic can shoot up by 40-60pts within 30 seconds with posture changes. The only true pain that I have with my POTS is a constant unilateral headache.

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