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What's Going On?


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Since about 1pm today I've been experiencing 5-8 sec bursts of pain coming from underneath my right foot. Through the top part (sorry brain fog for correct name).

The only thing I can think of why this might be happening is at night my legs hurt real bad to the point where I sub-consiously put pressure on my leg using that foot to block off the circulation to numb the pain so I can sleep. Perhaps I've pinched a nerve or something?

Can tell you it hurts and tomorrow I have to go back to work. Feels like hot needles or the feeling if you have glass in your foot, which I haven't. Only lasts a short time though then gone.

Any ideas? Its so intermittent that I doubt a DR would be able to do anything?


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sorry you're hurting.

i don't have any experience with it personally, but you may want to read up on "Plantar Fasciitis" & see if it sounds like what you're dealing with. you can search for it online & come up with more info that you would know what to do with, but here's one of the reliable links: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/plantar-fasciitis/DS00508

don't let more extreme stories/ examples/ treatments scare you; even if & when it is valid info those are the most extreme of the extreme situations. most people find relief via rest, other lifestyle changes (i.e. being careful about which shoes to wear), & at times a short course of meds (either OTC or Rx).

if this does sound like it's what you might be dealing with & it doesn't go away within a few days, it probably wouldn't hurt to touch base with your doctor...not in an emergent way but whenever it's convenient for you.

good luck!

B) melissa

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Could be a pinched nerve. The L5-S1 nerve root affects the sole of the foot. After back surgery, I often felt like I had a bee sting or was walking on glass. Plantar fascitis, which I've also had, hurt me more in the arch. When it was the nerve, it hurt more when i'd move my back by bending and/or twisting at the waist.

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