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A New Weird Symptom - Heart Speeds Up, Slows Down, Speeds Up...


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Hello all,

Here's what's been happening to me lately:

If I have to stand up for a few minutes, my heart rate will start to race to about 120. Once it's been at 120 for a few seconds (maybe ten or fifteen) I will suddenly have two or three HUGE pounding hearbeats that are REALLY SLOW - like only one a second (60 bpm) for a few seconds. Then my heart will start up again at about 80-90 bpm, and slowly increase until it gets to around 120, then I have the huge heart-pounds again, and then it's back to the 90ish range and moving up.

In a way, this is great, because I'm not stuck at 120 or higher for minutes on end while I try to do things like wait in line at the bank, and it means my AVERAGE hr during a tachycardia is around 105 instead of 120-130. But I'm really curious as to what my body might be doing. I assume this is some kind of way my body is compensating with the high hrates but I'd love to know what's happening. Have any of you ever experienced something like this before?

My only concern is that at the doctor's office, this might make it look like I'm not having a tachycardia, or not as severe, if they happen to monitor my heart-rate during a "slow" section of the cycle. The whole cycle takes about two minutes so they could easily pick a slow 30-second interval to take my pulse when standing. I know I can just explain all this to them but the nurses already think I'm crazy so I'm not completely sure they'd listen to me. Although my doctor would, so I guess I shouldn't worry too much about the nurses.

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The same thing started happening to me a few years ago. I mentioned it to my POTS specialist. He said he has seen this in other POTS patients who have had the condition for awhile. He was completely unconcerned. This symptom comes on occasionally, but most of the time I don't notice it these days. Mainly tachycardia is still my problem.

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