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Lifelong Pots And Breastfeeding


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Hi Ladies and interested guys,

This is a semi-bizarre question for those who believe that they have always had POTS or have the hyperadrenergic POTS:

Did you have difficulty breastfeeding?

I am looking into the NET transporter deficiency theory of hyperadrenergic POTS and found that this transporter also moves dopamine, not just norepinephrine. This is ringing true for my case on several points:

1. I made WAY too much milk (80 oz. a day) when I breastfed both my boys. Dopamine is the "off-switch" for prolactin and milk production. I still have galactorrhea 6 years after weaning my son.

2. My tremor, dopamine is involved in tremor (think Parkinson's.)

3. Rapid depletion of dopamine (think awful clinical experiment trial reports) recreates EXACTLY what happened during my crash in August of 2007.

Did any of you have problems with your milk supply when you nursed? (frequent leaking, infections, super-gassy baby?)

Again, I am looking for patterns, clues, explanations, common denominators...



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I nursed all three of my children and while some of them had nursing difficulties (allergic to the dairy I was drinking, or an underbite that caused a poor latch) none were due to my own milk supply. My kids nursed for between 2-3 years each -- so as for lactation production and stopping it was a gradual process over time as they each self weaned.

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