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Need Info On Picc Lines Causing Tachycardia- Please Help!

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Multiple people in my family, my sister included, have dysautonmia symptoms/diagnoses. Much of it is not well diagnosed or known what everything really is. Anyways, my sis was scheduled for scoliosis surgery today and they were unable to successfully get a PICC line in with her awake and also tried under anesthesia. I guess it sounds like that she was a hard stick (unable to find a good vein?) and then when inserted into the heart it caused supraventricular tachycardia that did not resolve even with moving the line. It did not stop until it was fully removed. They were then unable to do surgery today, and do not really know what happened. She does have a history of tachycardia (200+ bpm treated with beta blockers) and a murmur--- both she supposedly had "outgrown".

Anyways, does anyone have any info. or similar experiences etc. I am looking for any help to assist her before they try again later this week. I do think that she has dysautonomia as well, as she has had many of the same symptoms. But, due to lack of communication and family differences I am not sure exactly of what is all going on. I guess you can say a lot of people do not "believe" me. Ironically this happens after I plead with them to make all family history WELL known.

She also has history of seizure, multiple chemical sensitivity/allergies, dizziness, headaches, severe scoliosis, asthma etc. My dad has Mitral Valve Prolapse and many of the same symptoms as well.

We have not been told we do not have Chiari or EDS etc. So, this surgery makes me nervous especially when evidently her body more or less did not like the PICC line invading.

So, I am looking for any info on this topic and how to ask drs. etc. if there should be anything investigated further before surgery. It is like walking on eggshells, and evidently most family etc. are fine with that the drs. know what is best, even with not having told them everything they should know. They just figure the drs know all the right questions to ask! First clue to the contrary, at registration for this surgery they ask if she wants a pap smear? Well, that of all things is helpful! Not...

Anyways, all help is greatly appreciated! Thanks! :)

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