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Muscle Aches & Pains


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I have been waking up very stiff for days now, especially in my shoulders. Some swelling. Worse in the am and then in the afternoon to night. I went to my son's performance last night at his school and sat in the bleachers and it was difficult to get out of the stands and walk to my car. I have a wonderful son and he let me lean on his arm and escorted me to my car. I am so proud of my two sons 14 & 17. They look out for Mom and are such gentlemen. My son was not the least bit embarrassed to have to help me last night at his school...............You can tell I am proud of my sons.

So back to the subject. I am on Sinemet for RLS and Trazadone to sleep and those are new within the last month.

Also, my doctor wants me to have blood work for my thyroid. He said I have a goiter.

Any thoughts?


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How are you feeling now? Have you continued to have these symptoms?

I looked up the side effects of the meds, and if it is an entirely new set of symptoms for you I would say it is likely the meds. They both have muscle and joint pains for side effects.

Other possibilities arthritis (if the weather/ barometric pressure has been changing), lack of sleep, or stress could also lead to these symptoms.

Also, I know for me personally I get this quite frequently (maybe a little less severe) on a daily basis. I can have difficulty getting up from a chair and feel very sore and like I need something to pry me back into an upright posture.

I know the shoulder was specifically mentioned I think for Sinemet side effect. Do you take it at night before bed? Then not move? Do you know if you are moving more at night? (The side effect of dyskinesias of Sinemet) You may be putting more stress on these joints at night?

I hope you are finding some relief. If it continues discuss it with your dr.

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