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Eliscer Guzman, MD

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  • Address 629 West 15th Street ,
    New York ,
    New York,
  • Specialty Cardiology
  • Hospital
Medical Info
  • Illnesses Treated POTS, dysautonomia, all heart related illness
  • Treatment Plans Unknown
  • Autonomic Lab Tests TTT, Cardiology related testing
  • Other Lab Tests Unknown
  • PATIENT REVIEW:   I was diagnosed by Dr. Guzman back in Nov. 2010 after being hospitalized and told that I was "crazy", faking, and just wanted attention! But when I went to see Dr. Guzman and explained to him my symptoms he seemed to know exactly what I had; however, to confirm he needed to perform do a TTT ( Tilt table test ) overall within 2 months I already had a diagnosis of Pots Syndrome which wasn't good news but started a treatment.

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