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Jeffrey Boris, MD

Address Contact Medical Info
  • Address 3401 Civic Center Blvd.,
    Division of Cardiology,
  • Specialty Pediatric - Cardiology
  • Hospital Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Medical Info
  • Illnesses Treated POTS, EDS, NCS
  • Treatment Plans combination of non-pharmacologic and pharmacologic interventions to bridge the patient to being able to get to exercise
  • Autonomic Lab Tests Unknown
  • Other Lab Tests Thyroid panel<br /> Vit D<br /> AM Cortisol<br /> Ferritin
  • Available specialties for referral include Neurology/Headache Center, GI/Dysmotility Center, Metabolism/Connective Tissue Disorders Program, Sports Med/Concussion Center, Physical Therapy, Adolescent Medicine

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