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Featured Member: Suzanne Krasnow


DINET member name:  Suzanne KrasnowSuzanneKrasnow.thumb.JPG.4bc21c18148bf2122c979ed8b936963e.JPG
Suzanne's hometown:  Maple Lake, MN
Diagnosis:  POTS
Website:  www.WarriorAngelCreations.com


In Suzanne's words....

In 2013, my life was forever changed when I suddenly became ill and began passing out randomly and losing control SuzannePhoto1.thumb.JPG.145cf56a863f0fc13036fa101dafe3d6.JPGof my own body.  I went from being an Active Duty Airman to being completely reliant on my family and a wheelchair.  It took a few months for doctors to figure out I had developed an autonomic disorder called Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS).  I learned that many of the functions in my body that are supposed to be automatic no longer work properly.  When I stand up, my body no longer properly compensates for gravity and adjusts the way my blood flows.   When I stand for more than 10 minutes my blood begins to pool in my extremities, my heart goes into overdrive trying to compensate, and I begin to lose blood flow to my brain, which causes me to randomly pass SuzannePhoto3.thumb.JPG.6af533dbd3e17d890f65e4c88bce2a1f.JPGout.  Needless to say, I became very limited on what I could do every day.  This condition was a huge adjustment for me.  I turned to art and crafting as a way to cope.    I began knitting while I was in and out of the hospital.  Once I was forced into an early retirement by the Air Force, I realized I needed to find a job I could do that was meaningful, but I could do from home.  I still had to find a way to support my family and keep my mind busy.

Unfortunately, in 2015 my condition worsened and I began requiring the use of a wheelchair.  It took me a while to admit to my doctors I needed one, but I was SuzannePhoto5.thumb.JPG.16e556ab58770931bf2f824a3c5b3098.JPGso glad I finally did. This chair has given me my life back! I cried with joy the day I got it. This chair meant I can go out with my family for all day functions. I could go on that shopping trip to multiple stores with the girls again. I could live outside my house again and not have to worry. I didn’t realize I had begun isolating myself.


Suzanne's art is born.....

Those who know me, know I love color, I love laughter, and I love life. I had turned my back on these things when I got sick.  My wheelchair made me realize I needed these things back in my life to make myself heal mentally.  Well once I got my wheelchair the first thing I wanted to do was “pimp my ride.” I found all kinds of accessories for my chair, but nothing fun, nothing loud,SuzannePhoto4.thumb.JPG.5a3ba7a2462260a162a9353ab8751330.JPG nothing colorful. Everything was black! I refuse to hide because I have a wheelchair. This chair gave me wings and allowed me to fly, why not rejoice in its blessing. I realized if I wanted fun and color, I needed to make my own products. This was the birth of Warrior Angel Creations.  I am proud of my little company and the products I have been making for the past year for fellow wheelchair users.  I love making these items and love more than anything the smiles and stories of happiness I get from users who were excited to find something special and “not black” that would work for them!   

Suzanne's site and etsy shop are filled with fabrics to appeal to whatever your style may be.  You can reach Suzanne through her site or you can private message her through the DINET forum.

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