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Featured Member: Rachel Friemel


DINET member name:  Rachel FriemelRachel Friemel
Rachel's hometown:  Davenport, IA
Diagnosis:  Dysautonomia
Website:  http://www.rachelfriemel.com and

In Rachel's words....

I am a digital and fine artist as well as a photographer and graphic 5a7dd1b02b66a_RachelFriemel_BelcherSketchs.jpeg.5e2275caa88f181a8e53586afb67e154.jpeg designer. I started showing symptoms of dysautonomia during my senior year of college while I was working on my Honors art show.

My skills are versatile, so depending on what symptoms are flaring up, I can still work on creating pieces of art.  Screen Printing and Digital art are the most "Spoonie Friendly" mediums for me. Screen printing and digital mediums are a blessing because there is no time frame on when a step needs to be finished.  If I'm having a bad flare and can't get to a piece for a few weeks, it will still be waiting for me. 

I do have bad days when there is nothing I can do, but I use that downtime to enjoy other artist's work.


Digital media has allowed me to work from home and communicate with clients, even during a flare.  Because of this, I don't feel "disabled", but adaptable to my situation.


RachelFriemel_GlitterColorized.jpeg.dea91c5f7354ce08206e455bd99f4d94.jpegHer work can be seen on her site,  http://www.rachelfriemel.com  andRachelFriemel_Alf.jpeg.fa5c32162af5e547220dfa59b2122570.jpeg also on the site,  https://www.saatchiart.com/LittleRae  The saatchiart site has the added bonus of showing the art and collections that Rachel enjoys viewing, in addition to showing her work.  


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